Charles Eckman
Founder and CEO

Alumco's Mission

Uncompromising Quality

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

Competitive Pricing

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.....Charles is an Arizona native and has worked in the manufacturing field his entire career. He has a total of 24 years of machine shop ownership and related employment. His experience is primarily in the metal working industry including: aerospace machining, military hardware, mine gearing, scientific instrument components, mechanical assembly, precision sheet metal and welding. He is fully trained in business management, CNC programming, CNC machining, cable and test equipment assembly, precision welding, CAD design and computer management. These varied and extensive skills have provided a solid basis for his positive leadership at Alumco.

.....Alumco employs a staff of seventeen dedicated team members that run two 10-hour shifts per day. The lack of employee turnover helps to maintain product consistency and quality workmanship.

.....Numerous proprietary machining methods have been developed which allow us to be very competitive on product pricing and delivery. Alumco operates in a very sound financial environment with excellent credit history, ample financial backing, and is willing to make investments to meet your specific requirements.

.....Alumco has established a well-organized business with a careful blend of personnel, equipment and modern methods. Operational practices and policies are clearly stated. We are experiencing excellent growth by expanding our resources to meet individual customer needs.

    We are involved only in the wholesale production of mechanical components for O.E.M. manufacturers. Alumco works with selected customers who are dedicated to excellence.

     We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge, facilities and commitment to timely quality that make us a leader in the industry.

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