March 31, 1998

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is to recommend Alumco machining services. Alumco started machining parts for AT&T CampusWide in 1992. At that time, because we had our own machining centers, the first parts outsourced to Alumco were parts that belonged to a line that was losing its market share and was interfering with our higher volume parts. The quality of the parts that we received from Alumco were excellent, exceeding our expectations. Over the next two years we continued to increase our orders to Alumco because of the high quality and competitive price. The service, quality, and timeliness that Alumco delivered made it possible for us to focus our energies on our value added services and products.

In 1996 we made the decision to outsource 100% of our machining needs to Alumco. Their quality has been so great that we have eliminated all inspection of incoming products. Our relationship with Alumco has grown from a vendor to a true partnership helping us to succeed. If you would like more information about our partnership with Alumco, please call me at (602) 861-8531.


John W. Folden
Director of Operations and Service Support





March 20,1998

Dear Charles:

AT&T CampusWide would like to recognize your commitment to excellence. Your dedication to product quality is unsurpassed, and your expeditious product delivery is exceptional. The many times we have asked for the seemingly impossible, you have come through for us. Your timely deliveries have allowed us to meet our deadlines. Thank you for caring.

We have grown together and met many challenges. I look forward to the future and where we can go because of you. We are proud to recognize Alumco for the third year in a row with our Partnership award in recognition of your commitment. We are proud and excited to call you our partner.


Catharine Arnold
Production Manager


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